Land of the Wild is an attempt to represent the wild spirit of the Indian sub-continent.

This land of many wonders - natural & man-made, has an unbelievable array of wildlife and astounding landscapes which range from hottest of deserts to the coldest of mountains, and everything that's in-between. One can stumble upon Asiatic Elephants, Lions, Tigers and One-horned Rhinos but really, its much more than that! Over a decade of determined resolution, intensive field work and low-budget backpacking trips yielded thousands of pictures, of not just the charismatic beasts but also the interesting world of smaller organisms like insects, spiders, and amphibians.

Wild India, just like other aspects of this country, is difficult to define and this website is just a small effort to reflect and celebrate its amazing diversity. I welcome you to share this experience with me.
- Sachin Rai
I was part of the team which
re-discovered this frog after 73
years in India.
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Uploaded pictures of my expedition to Eaglenest, Mishmi Hills and Nagaland in May 2009
Pictures of the last monsoon's Western Ghat trips here